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Yes, we’re Viator Top Rated!
Today it’s a happy day for our Company, My Special Guest becomes a Viator’s Top Rated supplier! [...]
Serie A Football League - New Packages!!
Our Serie A Football League packages are ready! We'll upload soon first packages referred to August and September matches in Milan, growing in the future in terms of teams and dedicated offers. [...]

About Us

My Special Guest was set up by a number of leading professionists from the tourism industry and hotel business to respond to the growing need for tailored services and problem solving,  for that which is “different” and “new”. Its range of services is being broadened by involving communication and marketing experts. 

My Special Guest is an inbound operator to Italy, based in Milan, that offer  all services in Italy with many special interest tours and unique services. We offer incentive and leisure groups as well as FIT bookings.

Specialising in services and tourism, incoming, business travel and event organisation 
( meetings, conferences, conventions and large-scale events), adding that precious element of Italian taste and originality, My Special Guest offers theme-specific packages, as well as tailored, innovative solutions to satisfy the needs of private and corporate clients from Italy and abroad. 

Our main contacts are:
My Special Guest
Viale Majno 17/A
20122 - Milano - ITALY

Ph.   +39 02
Fax. +39 02

Our offices are opened from Monday to Friday, from 09.00am to 06.00pm.
During week end and bank holidays it's available for our clients an emergency / assistance service.